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If you feel it is your calling to touch people’s lives and make a difference, then you may consider a career in the healthcare industry. You usually think only of medical doctors and nurse practitioners when it comes to heath care treatment, so it's time that you learn about CNAs too. You know exactly who they are despite not being recognized through their professional name. CNAs are thought to be 2-in-1, since they offer not only basic medicare but also hope to those who seem to have lost it. You might consider yourself caring, but of course that won’t be sufficient. In other words, you simply can't practice this profession if you don't have a CNA license.

There can be prerequisites that you should meet first. An aspirant should first undergo an accredited training course, after which a licensing test will be given which should be passed. A CNA training is a series of classroom and laboratory trainings designed to develop the actual required knowledge and skills needed for the position. The period of the said training depends on the mandate of your state. In Connecticut for example, at least 75 hours is required.

Examples of those which offer this training are local community colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, and also classes on the web. You just have to prepare yourself with a certain amount of money as these classes aren't for free. However, in most cities like Connecticut, there are financial programs that help you cover the tuition. In addition there are hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing facilities in Connecticut which provide free training provided that you are one of their workers.

In case you successfully complete the courses, the test will be the next. The exam gauges the aspirant's capability to understand concepts (known to be multiple-choice) and apply them in their field as CNA (hands-on examination). Upon successful passing, you'll be one good inclusion to the healthcare team; serving as additional set of hands to your direct superiors.

Over time, people get older and people get sick; thus you don't have to worry about getting a job in the healthcare industry. Therefore being unemployed is not likely to take place. Research shows that Connecticut is the top employer of CNAs. If you're planning to be on the team, then better start your career now. Besides earning a reasonable sum of money, it is so much worthwhile to be in a job where you can touch people's lives and play a role in the betterment of the human species.


CNA License in Connecticut cities

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CNA License