CNA Certification in Virginia


Included in the medical team, CNAs make the perfect addition that will assist doctors and nurses in taking good care of patients. As part of the healthcare team, they report straight to a registered nurse.

It's necessary that you are stable under time limits and is reinforced by advanced skills and experience. The job demands flexibility, because you can be assigned in various medical establishments such as hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, and even the personal homes of patients. A CNA's workload is a wide scope, which range from basic practical skills to soft skills giving your services a inspirational touch. Every piece of information you get regarding the patients' situations should be given to your direct superior, and that is how important you are. Ultimately, you have to have CNA Certification.

Sadly, not everyone gets the privilege of working as a certified nursing assistant. For you to get certified, you need to first enrol in a training curriculum and pass the certification test after. Finishing a training curriculum is a pre-requisite for the examination, so it's imperative that you invest definite working hours as mandated by the state you are in. For example, duration of training in Virginia is four to six weeks. What are the courses included in CNA Certification programs? The training course is about learning the fundamental theories and applying them hands-on.

CNA Certification Examination is now your next fight after finishing the training program required. The test is divided into two sections: written and practical. The written test mostly comprises of book knowledge. In contrast, the practical exam tests your actual skills implementation which you have mastered from your CNA Certification training. Pass both exams and be deserving of that CNA Certification.

Passing the test is the start of your CNA profession and you will then be placed in the Nursing Aid Registry. This gives you the edge of working in any medical center that has job openings. There are many of openings to pick from, especially in Virginia. This job is definitely something to be proud of. Being able to take care and inspire the lives of those individuals who badly need it are helpful acts not many are able to perform. Think you can be one of them? Do not delay, start today.


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CNA Certification