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New Hampshire

Certified nursing assistants (CNA) are good additions to the team, as they make the functions faster and more efficient. CNAs look up to their direct superiors which are commonly nurses and physicians.

Excellent practical nursing skills and wide experience are two strong requirements of a CNA. The job demands flexibility, as you can be sent in different medical departments such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing facilities, and even the personal homes of patients. Performing basic practical skills like getting vital signs and personal hygiene completion are only two of the numerous responsibilities of a CNA. It is through you that licensed nurses and licensed practical nurses get their information from, and that’s what makes you even more vital in any medical field. Ultimately, you should have CNA Certification.

Being a CNA isn't for all. It's necessary that applicants undergo particular training hours and then pass the certification examination to be a full-fledged CNA. Before you take the exam, you first have to finish the training program in several hours determined by the state you are in. New Hampshire requires a minimum of 30 days of being dedicated to the training program. Training programs cover which courses in CNA Certification? Essentially it dwells on nursing concepts and theories which are then applied to the field to set skills.

If you have finished the mandatory number of hours, you are now entitled to take the CNA Certification licensing examination. There are two parts in the licensing test: written and practical. In written, of course you have to get the grade necessary by answering theoretical questions which are included in books. Your CNA Certification training can help you with the practical part as the exam covers fundamental practical skills you gleaned there. So make sure you pass both exams to finally achieve that CNA Certification you worked hard for.

Your name will likely then be included in the list of Certified Nursing Assistants where you live. Since companies base their hires on this list, be sure you make it there. New Hampshire houses a lot of CNA positions. This job is really rewarding, you can't help but be proud. Taking good care of other people is not a painless undertaking. Think you can be one of them? Get certified now.


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CNA Certification