CNA Certification in Nevada


Certified Nursing Assistants are the right hands of nurses and doctors with the common goal of providing health care to people who are in poor health. As an important part of the healthcare team, he or she is usually a direct report of registered nurses or licensed practical nurses.

It's not easy being a CNA, as it requires you to possess high level practical skills which can only be exercised through adequate experience. The task includes basic nursing skills with a touch of emotional capability to motivate patients. This is the reason why CNAs are every nurse’s favorite possession, giving them important details about every patient’s condition. Work areas vary from hospitals and nursing facilities, to clinics and rehabilitation centers. But, to be able to do these, every aspirant is required to get CNA Certification.

Not everybody can tolerate the rigorous environment of a medical facility. It's required that applicants undergo particular training hours and then pass the certification exam to be a full-fledged CNA. Finishing a training course is a pre-requisite for the examination, so it's imperative that you devote definite working hours as mandated by the state you are in. Nevada requires a minimum of 30 days of being dedicated to the training program. What can you expect in CNA Certification training programs? Skills are advanced through studying the theories and employing them on the field.

After completing the strenuous training, you'll now be qualified to take the Certification test. For this licensing test, there are actually two sections: written and practical. The written examination is a review of all the theories you have gleaned in class and in the courses. On the other hand, the practical exam tests your actual skills implementation which you have learned from your CNA Certification preparation. So to get that CNA Certification, pass both exams first.

The road towards being certified was truly tough, yet after finally getting it, it is all totally worth it. You will be added to the certified CNA lineup, letting you work in your state’s medical facilities. Particularly in Nevada, there are a lot job opportunities because most employers require being certified in their candidate selection process, allowing you to work on hospitals, rehab centers, and even doctor’s clinics. A CNA is a noble occupation that not everyone is capable of venturing. You can be one of them if you just take the leap.


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CNA Certification