CNA Certification in Missouri


A CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) assists patients in their health care needs. Being a member of the medical team, she or he is under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Being a CNA demands someone to have significant experience that will help him survive in the medical environment. Aside from the basic practical skills, it is also expected from CNAs that they are capable of inspiring their patients and managing them well. CNAs also provide valuable information about the patient's condition. As an assistant, you ought to be adaptable enough as you are supposed to work in various medical settings including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other treatment centers. But, to be able to do these, every aspirant is necessary to get CNA Certification.

So with the fast, robust, and demanding nature of the task, being a Certified Nursing Assistant isn't a simple stroll around the block. Before you can even actually begin, you have to finish a training course and pass a licensing test. Training comes first before the exam, and you need to render course hours as required by your state. For instance, a requirement of four to six weeks takes effect in Missouri. This CNA Certification program aims to prepare you for the real life out there and particularly in Missouri, numerous schools offer this type of training program. This required training course is also obtained through a few medical institutions in Missouri.

After the training, you can now take the CNA Certification test. For this licensing exam, there are actually two sections: written and practical. The written examination mostly contains book knowledge. In contrast, the practical exam tests your actual skills execution which you have learned from your CNA Certification preparation. So to get a hold of that much desired CNA Certification, make sure you pass both.

You are now ready for the job, after getting through the difficulties of acquiring a CNA Certification. You will now be part of the Nursing Aid family, giving you job options throughout the state. If you have Certification and you live in Missouri, there are tons of job open positions in nursing facilities, medical centers, and rehabilitation centers to mention a few. A CNA is a respectable profession that not everybody is capable of venturing. If you're up for the challenge, open up a slot for yourself right now.


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CNA Certification