CNA Schools in Dallas, TX (Texas)

Certified nursing assistants have already found their spot in the medical field, especially that an increasing number of medical facilities ask for their services. For this reason, applications for CNA have also been over the top, hence tons of competition ahead. So to outshine others with regards to capabilities, enrol in a top-notch CNA training program.

Aside from helping you pass the licensing test, CNA training provides the necessary experience and technical competency that will propel you in the medical field. The length of time of the training normally runs between 75-100 hours, depending on the state. Texas for instance, is recognized to provide 75 training hours to trainees. So if a premier training program is your target, go and choose the best CNA school.

Free CNA Schools in Dallas

A CNA school is responsible for equipping trainees with the correct mix of technical and practical competencies needed for the real world. Within the training, you will definitely study general healthcare methods, physiology, human anatomy, nutrition and diet, and body mechanics; just like what is made available in Dallas. And to guide you in your decision-making, check out the following.

First, know the programs and make sure it caters to both classroom and laboratory trainings. Dallas hosts CNA schools with top-notch classes. Second of all, weigh if the course's program is worth the cost. Finally, think about a school that will supply you with the convenience in terms of location and training time.

Local community colleges, technical schools, medical establishments, and internet-based training centers are your options to select from. If you prefer a school that is a hassle-free drive from your home, you can go to a local community school in your area. If you wish to learn the practical skills, better enrol in hospitals or nursing homes. And if you enjoy the learning environment at your home, internet based learning centers are your very best options. Get your pick sensibly and never look back.


Local CNA Schools Near Dallas

  1. Concorde Career College
  2. Address: 12606 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX, 75243
  3. Contact Number: (888) 240-8667
  4. Official Website:
  1. Dallas Health & Nursing College
  2. Address: 10723 Plano Rd, Dallas, TX, 75238
  3. Contact Number: (214) 221-0066
  2. Address: PO Box 68773, Dallas, TX, 75217
  3. Contact Number: (412) 260-3333
  4. Official Website:
  1. Texas Elite Nurse Aide Training
  2. Address: 10405 E Northwest Hwy 111, Dallas, TX, 75238
  3. Contact Number: (214) 710-7849
  4. Official Website:
  1. West Coast University
  2. Address: 8435 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX, 75247
  3. Contact Number: (800) 346-5956
  4. Official Website:

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