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Employers are constantly searching for certified nursing personnel, giving the career much of attention lately. That's the reason increasing numbers of people are thinking about being part of this medical profession. Not everyone can get hired though, so there is tough competition out there nowadays. You can’t take it from them because in the end, they only want excellent hands to help them handle the patients. So you really should not be content with just being mediocre. You should stay ahead of the rest. What to do? Take part in a top-notch training course.

Apart from helping you pass the licensing test, CNA training provides the necessary experience and technical expertise that will direct you in the medical industry. Around 75-100 training hours is the target for the training's completion and it can vary in every state. In Kentucky, they practice 75 hours of training. So to secure a top quality training curriculum, what is needed is a wonderful CNA School.

Free CNA Schools in Louisville

A CNA school is your admission to being a world-class Certified nursing assistant, since you will master all of the knowledge and hands-on competencies here. Educational institutions in Louisville cover topics like general healthcare methods, physiology, medicine ethics, human body, nutrition and diet, and body mechanics. So before enrolling in a particular school, pay attention to the following first.

First, always question every ins and out to assure you receive maximum training quality. There are many schools in Louisville with good programs. Tuition fee differs from school to school, so you ought to know how to compare rates. Ultimately, consider the time and place of the instructional classes to help you adjust your schedule and still perform other responsibilities after going to classes.

You can actually choose from local community universities, medical centers, and online training facilities. Enrol in private hospitals or nursing homes if you want to develop your practical knowledge. Local community colleges are alternatives if you like somewhere nearby the vicinity. And if you prefer to stay at home and prevent the distractions outside, web based schools are always ready to help. You simply won't run out of CNA schools, so better pick sensibly and depending on what suits you best.


Local CNA Schools Near Louisville

  1. Academy Of Dental Assisting
  2. Address: 400 Blankenbaker Pkwy, Louisville, KY, 40243
  3. Contact Number: (502) 245-6177
  1. Alliance Francaise School
  2. Address: 10507 Timberwood Cir # 214, Louisville, KY, 40223
  3. Contact Number: (502) 897-9800
  4. Official Website:
  1. Ara University Broadway
  2. Address: 2821 W Broadway, Louisville, KY, 40211
  3. Contact Number: (502) 774-8516
  1. ATA Career Education
  2. Address: 10200 Linn Station Rd, Louisville, KY, 40223
  3. Contact Number: (502) 412-4028
  4. Official Website:
  1. Bellarmine University
  2. Address: 1961 Bishop Ln, Louisville, KY, 40218
  3. Contact Number: (502) 742-4915
  4. Official Website:
  1. Body Bequeathal Program
  2. Address: 500 S Preston St, Louisville, KY, 40202
  3. Contact Number: (502) 852-5744
  1. Boyce College
  2. Address: 2825 Lexington Rd, Louisville, KY, 40206
  3. Contact Number: (502) 897-4693
  4. Official Website:
  1. Brown Mackie College-Louisville
  2. Address: 300 High Rise Dr, Louisville, KY, 40213
  3. Contact Number: (502) 968-7191
  1. Campbellsville University
  2. Address: 2300 Greene Way, Louisville, KY, 40220
  3. Contact Number: (502) 753-0264
  4. Official Website:
  1. Christian Institute-Biblical
  2. Address: 3845 Southern Pkwy, Louisville, KY, 40214
  3. Contact Number: (502) 367-2445
  1. College Of The Scriptures
  2. Address: 4411 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY, 40218
  3. Contact Number: (502) 491-9646
  1. Colleuges Ii
  2. Address: 7505 Arnoldtown Rd, Louisville, KY, 40214
  3. Contact Number: (502) 935-0292
  1. Cresent Center Visual Arts
  2. Address: 100 E Main St, Louisville, KY, 40202
  3. Contact Number: (502) 852-0288
  4. Official Website:
  1. Day Thomas K Diplomate American College of Veterinary
  2. Address: 13160 Magisterial DR, Louisville, KY, 40223
  3. Contact Number: (502) 244-3798
  1. Daymar College
  2. Address: 4112 Fern Valley Rd, Louisville, KY, 40219
  3. Contact Number: (502) 499-5327
  4. Official Website:
  1. Daymar College-Louisville
  2. Address: 4400 Breckenridge Ln Suite 415, Louisville, KY, 40218
  3. Contact Number: (800) 433-3243
  1. Delphi Center
  2. Address: 310 N Whittington Pkwy, Louisville, KY, 40222
  3. Contact Number: (502) 852-8571
  1. Department-Civil & Environ
  2. Address: 101 Ws Speed, Louisville, KY, 40292
  3. Contact Number: (502) 852-6276
  4. Official Website:
  1. Fta Trappers College
  2. Address: 7701 Chet Ln, Louisville, KY, 40214
  3. Contact Number: (502) 366-7216
  1. Galen Health Institutes
  2. Address: 612 S 4th St, Louisville, KY, 40202
  3. Contact Number: (502) 582-2305

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