CNA Schools in San Jose, CA (California)

The CNA occupation has been making so much interest today that more and more job openings are available for them. This is the reasons why most of the population try to join the CNA roster. Because not everyone can get employed, you should ensure that you stand above the crowd. You can’t take it from them because in the end, they only want exceptional hands to help them take care of the patients. Mediocrity is a no-no in this kind of competition. Ensure that you stay above the rest. How to make sure that that happens? Take part in a top-notch training curriculum.

The training curriculum is very important as this is where you get acquainted with how it seems like to be a CNA and discover things every nursing aide should know about. Around 75-100 training hours is the target for the training's completion and it can vary in every single state. For instance, the state of California mandates 75 training hours to CNA hopefuls. So if a top training curriculum is your target, go and choose the right CNA school.

Free CNA Schools in San Jose

CNA Schools are the places you like to be if you’re thinking of being a part of the training program. Here you attend instructional classes and complete your expected course hours. That's the place where you have to formulate the knowledge and skills that a quality nursing aide really should possess. Topics like physiology, medicine ethics, human anatomy, and body mechanics are some of the lectures discussed in some educational institutions in San Jose. As there are already a lot of training centers these days, it is crucial that you select the right one. Listed here are some things you should consider before choosing a school.

First, know the programs and ensure it caters to both classroom and laboratory sessions. There are many schools in San Jose with very good programs. Second of all, weigh if the school's program is worth the cost. Ultimately, consider the time and location of the classes to help you adjust your timetable and still fulfill other commitments after going to classes.

For school alternatives, there are community schools, vocational or technical educational facilities, medical facilities themselves, and even online training centers. If you prefer a school that is an easy drive from your own home, you can attend a local community college in your area. To improve your hands-on experience, just go to medical facilities. Select online schools in case you are the type who would rather be home more. Do not be overwhelmed by the alternatives; choose the one that suits you most.


Local CNA Schools Near San Jose

  1. A C College Inc
  2. Address: 2528 Qume Dr, San Jose, CA, 95131
  3. Contact Number: (408) 573-8444
  1. Apollo Group-PSD
  2. Address: 3590 N 1st St, San Jose, CA, 95134
  3. Contact Number: (408) 678-1501
  1. As Safa Institute
  2. Address: 4250 Latimer Ave, San Jose, CA, 95130
  3. Contact Number: (408) 370-9590
  1. Aurora College Prep
  2. Address: 2063 Teola Way, San Jose, CA, 95121
  3. Contact Number: (408) 270-8646
  1. Bay Area College of Nursing
  2. Address: 702 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA, 95112
  3. Contact Number: (408) 280-6888
  4. Official Website:
  1. Berryessa Union School District
  2. Address: 4251 Norwalk Dr, San Jose, CA, 95129
  3. Contact Number: (408) 923-1880
  4. Official Website:
  1. California University
  2. Address: 227 Devcon Dr, San Jose, CA, 95112
  3. Contact Number: (408) 453-9900
  1. Clark Sharon Ph.D.
  2. Address: 1120 McKendrie St, San Jose, CA, 95126
  3. Contact Number: (408) 236-6661
  1. College Entrance Examination
  2. Address: 2099 Gateway Pl # 480, San Jose, CA, 95110
  3. Contact Number: (408) 452-1400
  1. College of Adaptive Arts
  2. Address: 762 Sunset Glen Dr, San Jose, CA, 95123
  3. Contact Number: (408) 225-5654
  1. Disabled Students Program
  2. Address: 2100 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA, 95128
  3. Contact Number: (408) 288-3746
  4. Official Website:
  1. Downtown College Prep Ocala
  2. Address: 2800 Ocala Ave, San Jose, CA, 95148
  3. Contact Number: (669) 444-1443
  1. Evergreen Valley College
  2. Address: 3095 Yerba Buena Rd, San Jose, CA, 95135
  3. Contact Number: (408) 274-7900
  4. Official Website:
  1. Evergreen Valley College Admissions & Records
  2. Address: 2100 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA, 95128
  3. Contact Number: (408) 223-0300
  1. First Solution College
  2. Address: 1939 Monterey Hwy, San Jose, CA, 95112
  3. Contact Number: (408) 297-3921
  1. HeartReady
  2. Address: 1565 The Alameda, San Jose, CA, 95126
  3. Contact Number: (408) 278-1500
  4. Official Website:
  1. Heartshare Training
  2. Address: 1101 S Winchester Blvd # K230, San Jose, CA, 95128
  3. Contact Number: (408) 246-0311
  1. Henley Putnam University
  2. Address: 25 Metro Dr, San Jose, CA, 95110
  3. Contact Number: (408) 453-9961
  1. Institute For Professional Advancement And Training
  2. Address: 1392 Minnesota Ave, San Jose, CA, 95125
  3. Contact Number: (408) 971-1036
  4. Official Website:
  1. International Technological
  2. Address: 355 W San Fernando St, San Jose, CA, 95110
  3. Contact Number: (408) 636-7402
  4. Official Website:

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