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If you are somebody who has the burning passion for looking after the sick and motivating other individuals to outlive the difficulties posed by health conditions, then you will probably be a great addition to the health care team through the Certified nursing assistant profession. The needs for nursing aide jobs are continuously going up on account of large amounts of people becoming ill year by year. And all of these will only be feasible by first setting yourself up for CNA training.

You will have your baby steps through the CNA training course. The training very much concentrates on knowledge enrichment, skills refinement, and emotional stability.

Free CNA Courses in Seattle

In WA, their training hours cover a minimum of 75 hours and this certain duration varies from one state to another. Specifically in Seattle, CNA courses comprise both classroom and laboratory sessions. Body Mechanics, Personal Health care, Anatomy and Physiology, Infection Control, Nourishment, and Communication Skills are the common topics being tackled in lecture rooms. Aside from knowledge building, it is also the objective of a CNA course to produce top-notch practical capabilities through hands-on exercise sessions.

If you're working or has many commitments, then online CNA courses will be great for you. The convenience in your home adds to an even better learning environment. Some online courses have even chat tools and offer interactive classes to help you make the most of your classes. Training costs range from $400 - $1000, with regards to the school or facility that's offering. Scholarship programs are also available for people who want to cut back on the budget and study without spending a dime. Seattle is the most typical example of a city with many scholarship offers.

CNA training is an opportunity you shouldn't take for granted. There is an instant benefit of getting a job, and the chance to expand your profession into something broader. Along with the reward of having a great job and lots of career opportunities is the pride of having to assist in saving many irreplaceable lives.


Local CNA Schools Near Seattle

  1. A Plus NAC School
  2. Address: 6951 Martin Luther King Jr Way S # 201, Seattle, WA, 98118
  3. Contact Number: (206) 723-5100
  1. Health Career Agents
  2. Address: Two Union Square #4221, Seattle, WA, 98101
  3. Contact Number: (360) 326-6401
  1. Seattle University College of Nursing
  2. Address: 901 12th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98122
  3. Contact Number: (206) 395-7922
  4. Official Website:

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