CNA Courses in Indianapolis, IN (Indiana)

If you are somebody who has the burning passion for taking good care of the sick and inspiring other individuals to survive the challenges resulting from health conditions, then you will definitely be a great addition to the healthcare team through the CNA profession. The needs for nursing aide jobs are constantly going up due to large volumes of people becoming ill over the years. However, the road towards it is not easy as you've obstacles to survive through; and CNA training is among those.

This training shows you a peak of the real-world. The goals of the training program are as follows: to deliver quality knowledge and skills that will get trainees through the Certification exam, to provide ample hands-on experience to prepare for the real-world, and to get the students to be sentimentally prepared.

Free CNA Courses in Indianapolis

Dependant upon the state you’re in, the CNA training curriculum needs a specific number of hours. Around seventy five hours of training is necessary in IN. The areas of CNA courses is put into two parts: Classroom and Laboratory. Subjects in the CNA course provided by one school in Indianapolis are the following: Body Mechanics, Personal Care, Anatomy and Physiology, Infection Control, Nutrition, and Communication Skills. For the hands-on part, medical facilities offer an advantage. Many medical centers in Indianapolis have achieved many reviews that are positive from students. Taking vital signs, feeding techniques, giving CPR, shifting and ambulating patients, and even recording case histories are common skills you will be taught in this part of the training courses.

For the convenience of everyone, even CNA courses can now be availed through the internet. People have been seeing the benefits of learning on the web, thus the rise of web-based CNA courses. They even have interactive lessons where you get to talk with your fellow trainees and perform group works on some occasions. Shedding money worth $400-$1000 for training costs is not easy, that's the reason financial aids and grants are offered just as in Indianapolis.

Training costs are no match to all the advantages you can enjoy after getting certified. With this, you are capable of going higher career-wise, you are sure of a long-term job, and is rewarded with so much thank-yous from all patients you have helped.


Local CNA Schools Near Indianapolis

  1. Advanced Healthcare Vocational
  2. Address: 6350 Westhaven Dr # E, Indianapolis, IN, 46254
  3. Contact Number: (317) 347-1550
  1. Aenon Bible College, Inc.
  2. Address: 3939 Meadows Dr, Indianapolis, IN, 46205
  3. Contact Number: (317) 549-0255
  4. Official Website:
  1. Apostolic Information Svc
  2. Address: 1502 E Sumner Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46227
  3. Contact Number: (317) 781-7712
  4. Official Website:
  1. Aviation Institute of Maintenance
  2. Address: 7251 W McCarty St, Indianapolis, IN, 46241
  3. Contact Number: (317) 243-4519
  1. Ball State University
  2. Address: 50 S Meridian St # 300, Indianapolis, IN, 46204
  3. Contact Number: (317) 822-6167
  1. Bible College Crossroads
  2. Address: 801 N Shortridge Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46219
  3. Contact Number: (317) 405-9545
  1. Bishop Simon Brute College
  2. Address: 2500 Cold Spring Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46222
  3. Contact Number: (317) 924-4100
  1. Breast Care & Research Center At Indiana Universtiy
  2. Address: 535 Barnhill Dr, Indianapolis, IN, 46202
  3. Contact Number: (317) 274-9800
  1. Business Kelley School
  2. Address: 801 W Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN, 46202
  3. Contact Number: (317) 274-4895
  4. Official Website:
  1. Butler University
  2. Address: 4600 Sunset Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46208
  3. Contact Number: (317) 940-8000
  4. Official Website:
  1. Butler University Athletics
  2. Address: 510 W 49th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46208
  3. Contact Number: (317) 940-3647
  1. C & S Cna School
  2. Address: 2722 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN, 46222
  3. Contact Number: (317) 423-0779
  1. Calvary Chapel Bible College
  2. Address: 7702 Indian Lake Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46236
  3. Contact Number: (317) 823-2349
  1. Cna Institute of Indiana
  2. Address: 921 E 86th St Ste 206, Indianapolis, IN, 46240
  3. Contact Number: (317) 872-2245
  1. College Bound Student Services
  2. Address: 2626 E 46th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46205
  3. Contact Number: (317) 251-2012
  1. College Courts
  2. Address: 5347 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46220
  3. Contact Number: (317) 869-3962
  1. College Park Club
  2. Address: 9001 Fordham St, Indianapolis, IN, 46268
  3. Contact Number: (317) 872-3288
  1. Cultural Arts Center at the Hasten Hebrew Academy Of Indianapolis
  2. Address: 6602 Hoover Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46260
  3. Contact Number: (317) 251-1261
  4. Official Website:
  1. Deaf Services
  2. Address: 50 W Fall Creek Parkway North Dr, Indianapolis, IN, 46208
  3. Contact Number: (317) 921-4980
  1. Dental Assistant Pro
  2. Address: 11020 E 10th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46229
  3. Contact Number: (513) 515-6611
  4. Official Website:

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