CNA Courses in San Jose, CA (California)

If you are somebody who has the burning passion for taking care of the sick and motivating other people to survive the challenges posed by health problems, then you'll certainly be a great inclusion to the health care team through the Certified nursing assistant profession. The population never runs out of people aging and becoming ill, hence your CNA career is always likely to be there. Having said that, the path towards it is hard as you have obstacles to get through; and CNA training is among those.

This training shows you a peak of the real-world. The goals of the training course are as follows: to provide quality knowledge and skillsets that will get trainees through the Certification exam, to give ample hands-on experience to get ready for the real world, and to get the trainees to be sentimentally prepared.

Free CNA Courses in San Jose

Training duration differs from one state to another. In CA, they perform a minimum of 75 hours. CNA Courses include classroom and laboratory sessions. In one certain college in San Jose, CNA courses have topics like Personal Care, Anatomy and Physiology, Infection Control, Nutrition, and Body Mechanics. For the hands-on part, medical facilities offer an advantage. Many hospitals in San Jose have achieved many reviews that are positive from students. The hands-on classes will train students to check vital signs, nourish patients properly, administer CPR, ambulate patients, and document case histories.

For the comfort of all people, even CNA courses can now be availed through the internet. The online world has so much more to provide, and CNA web based classes are genuine proof of that. Online lessons are made even more exciting through interactive lectures and chat features. Typically, expense of the training runs from $400 to $1000, but if you’re in a city like San Jose, scholarship programs are very much common.

With all the perks that come from becoming certified, all your money shed will be worth every penny. With this, you are effective at going higher career-wise, you are certain of a long-term job, and is rewarded with so much thank-yous from all patients you have served.


Local CNA Schools Near San Jose

  1. Bay Area College of Nursing
  2. Address: 702 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA, 95112
  3. Contact Number: (408) 280-6888
  4. Official Website:
  1. Carrington College California
  2. Address: 6201 San Ignacio Ave, San Jose, CA, 95119
  3. Contact Number: (408) 876-6015
  1. Institute Of Medical Education
  2. Address: 130 Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95113
  3. Contact Number: (408) 291-0033
  1. San Jose CPR Certification
  2. Address: 545 Meridian Avenue, Suite E, San Jose, CA, 95126
  3. Contact Number: (408) 724-9985
  4. Official Website:
  1. South Bay School of Nursing
  2. Address: 1620 Oakland Rd, San Jose, CA, 95131
  3. Contact Number: (408) 564-7242
  1. St Francis Career College
  2. Address: 749 Story Rd, San Jose, CA, 95122
  3. Contact Number: (408) 286-8903
  4. Official Website:

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