CNA Training in Pinehurst, NC (North Carolina)

Nowadays, increasing numbers of people flock to medical establishments because of illnesses. That's why there is a need for additional pair of hands out there in the field, helping save people's lives. And here we are talking about CNAs.

An accredited training is among the requirements of getting certified. And this training has fees. In Pinehurst, tuition fee can go up to $1000, while there are those which settle for inexpensive costs like $400 in Pinehurst. If you decide not to get burdened by this sum of cash, go and look for a free CNA Training Program.

Free CNA Training in Pinehurst

You might get caught in a variety of scholarship grant programs and financial aids, but be cautious since there are free CNA training scams present out there. Never give in to petty offers and be wise enough to query every condition. There may be training programs that ask for your services for free, so you should get ready for that possibility.

You may start your search for free classes at vocational training establishments in your city, hospitals, and even online training centers. It's usually the goal of medical facilities to offer free classes to get quality employees that can help with the day to day tasks. The corresponding training fees are the same as getting a new employee to work as CNA, so offering free classes is a better move. There are several hospitals and nursing facilities that require payback services from their graduates. Another alternative to acquire free training classes is by going to your local government employment office or giving them a phone call. This is usually announced to the community. The state also thinks of the unemployed, which they provide most of the free programs. This is the scenario in North Carolina.

State governments also fund CNA scholarship programs. You will be assured that your CNA training course will be covered. And lastly, who will ever forget the power of the internet? This method minimizes the expense of training and helps trainees learn handily at their homes at their own personal time. Through free CNA training on the internet, you are now inching closer to the career that you have been wanting to have since you were young.


Local CNA Schools Near Pinehurst

  1. Sandhills Community College
  2. Address: 3395 Airport Rd, Pinehurst, NC, 28374
  3. Contact Number: (910) 585-6540
  4. Official Website:
  1. St Andrews Presby College
  2. Address: 3395 Airport Rd, Pinehurst, NC, 28374
  3. Contact Number: (910) 695-3888
  4. Official Website:

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