CNA Training in Hobbs, NM (New Mexico)

It's human nature that people get old and seek health care. There is an increase in the number of people getting sick over the years. This is the reason why there is an increase in job opportunities related to the nursing field. And these roles are being handed to nursing aides.

But prior to starting your chosen career, you first have to go through a state accredited CNA training. What goes along with this training is obviously, tuition fee. Prices differ based on which city you're in; $400 is offered in Hobbs while $1000 is the price in Hobbs. This is certainly a blow to your budget, but if you only know where to look, there is actually a decent solution: go and find yourself a free CNA Training.

Free CNA Training in Hobbs

There may be a lot of free classes to choose from, but you should be careful with them. Make sure to be as detailed as possible in taking note of the terms of the free CNA training contract. A few offers just appear to be free but are actually aren't. It is completely normal that a few may require return of service, while there are also others which require nothing in return.

Nursing homes and hospitals are common facilities which offer free training; with the goal of having additional staff to carry out day to day tasks. This is a good move from them because the costs of hiring and training new employees are actually just similar with the CNA training costs. It is a usual practice for hospitals and nursing facilities to require graduates to work for them for free. One of the most reliable scholarship grants are offered by the federal government of Hobbs in New Mexico.

Of course the list of free CNA training programs include online learning facilities which always surprise students with their up-to-date classes and reliable lectures. This makes you the boss while offering a surrounding very conducive to learning. Surely a must-try for all CNA hopefuls around.


Local CNA Schools Near Hobbs

  1. Eastern New Mexico Univ
  2. Address: 5317 N Lovington Hwy, Hobbs, NM, 88240
  3. Contact Number: (575) 392-0423
  1. Lea County One Stop Career Center
  2. Address: 2120 N Alto Dr # B, Hobbs, NM, 88240
  3. Contact Number: (575) 391-9466
  1. New Mexico Junior College
  2. Address: 5317 N Lovington Hwy, Hobbs, NM, 88240
  3. Contact Number: (575) 392-4510
  4. Official Website:
  1. Regional Education Co-Op
  2. Address: 315 E Clinton St, Hobbs, NM, 88240
  3. Contact Number: (575) 393-0755
  1. University Of The Southwest
  2. Address: 6610 N Lovington Hwy, Hobbs, NM, 88240
  3. Contact Number: (575) 392-6561
  4. Official Website:

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