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From the term itself, certified nursing assistants provide help to medical doctors and nurses in conducting daily medical duties. They often fly under the radar since not very many is familiar with them by their professional name. But actually, they are the individuals making direct touch with patients; obtaining their vital signs, helping them wash up and change, and perhaps share stories together. Expertise and heart go together, and that is what makes CNAs unique. And these expertise can only be confirmed through securing a CNA License.

So you can get certified, there are requirements you need to comply. A high school diploma or its equivalent is needed before you can go through the CNA training. Why is there a need for this specific training? It's basically a program that helps you leverage your nursing competencies, starting from theories to hands-on implementation. Every state has a particular number of hours for the duration of the training. In Texas, at least seventy five hours is needed.

Free CNA License in Austin

Local community colleges, local medical centres, and internet-based training centers are few examples of places where you can acquire this CNA training. You will need to pay a certain amount of money for the tuition fee and various expenses. In Austin, tuition runs up to $500. Nevertheless, you have an option to study at no cost, especially since there are many financial aids being offered by the government of Austin.

After finishing your required hours, you will have to face a test that will be your last ticket for obtaining that CNA license. This examination is known to be broken down into two parts: written (all about theories and basics) and practical (hands-on test). Passing this licensure exam would get you certified and officially included in the medical team.

A license is merely a paper, a real proof that you're capable of doing the tasks of a CNA. It's a distinction you should be proud of as it is a reward for all of your efforts and sacrifices. Today, a growing number of job openings are around for nursing aides. These opportunities don't come every day, so you have to grab them now. If you want work, Austin is the better target because it has many work opportunities to offer. Yes, the road to being a CNA is never an easy undertaking. But with all the opportunities and rewards you get from it, plus the genuine happiness of helping those who need it most, you'd be surprised how you won’t regret a thing.


Local CNA Schools Near Austin

  1. Nurse's Aide Training-Austin
  2. Address: 5555 N Lamar Blvd # C109, Austin, TX, 78751
  3. Contact Number: (512) 343-8816
  1. Texas Acceptance School of Healthcare Professions
  2. Address: 1508 Dessau Ridge Ln Ste.705, Austin, TX, 78754
  3. Contact Number: (512) 219-0233
  1. University Of Texas At Austin
  2. Address: 1700 Red River St, Austin, TX, 78701
  3. Contact Number: (512) 471-7311
  4. Official Website:

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