CNA License in Charlotte, NC (North Carolina)

If you feel it is your calling to touch people’s lives and make a difference, then you may consider a job in the medical field. Yes there are physicians, nurses, and therapists; but one significant person flying under the radar is the certified nursing assistant (CNA). You know exactly who they are despite not being known through their professional name. CNAs are thought to be 2-in-1, simply because they offer not only basic healthcare but also hope to those people that seem to have lost it. Although being caring is something to applaud on, there is more to being a CNA than simply that. It is as simple as saying that a proof of competence is required, and that's through a CNA license.

There can be requirements that you should comply with first. Every aspirant is obliged to complete a specific training, and he/she should pass the certification exam. A training is composed of a classroom and clinical session, where knowledge and skills will be developed. The duration of the said training is determined by the requirement of your state. The training duration in North Carolina is month-long, having a minimum of 75 hours.

Free CNA License in Charlotte

This training curriculum is offered by different accredited centers; may it be a local college, a medical facility, or even an internet based learning class. Just secure an acceptable amount of cash, as this training is not free of charge. However, in certain cities like Charlotte, there are financial programs that help you cover the expenses. There's also hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes in Charlotte which provide free training provided that you are one of their employees.

The examination will be your last barrier to realizing your goals. The test is composed of two parts: theories and practical skills. The written section consists of theoretical questions which checks your ability to retain relevant concepts concerning the nursing field. For the practical examination, it is a hands-on assessment which will confirm and assess how much experience and coverage you have garnered during the training program. Successfully completing the exam shows that you are now an official nursing aide offering your expertise to the healthcare team.

A license is only a paper, a concrete proof that you're capable of carrying out the duties of a CNA. It's a distinction you should be happy with because it is a reward for all of your energy and sacrifices. Job openings for CNAs continue to pour over time. So you ought to be diligent enough to find the work that will match and fit you. From reports, Charlotte leads the rest when it comes to CNA job opportunities. Indeed, the direction to getting certified is hard. With all the opportunities and benefits of being a CNA, it is just proper to applaud that crucial leap you have made.


Local CNA Schools Near Charlotte

  1. 200 North College Charlotte
  2. Address: 200 N College St, Charlotte, NC, 28202
  3. Contact Number: (704) 790-6540
  1. ACES Academic Consulting & Educational Service
  2. Address: 5701 Glen Forest Dr, Charlotte, NC, 28226
  3. Contact Number: (704) 543-6309
  4. Official Website:
  1. American Special Risk
  2. Address: 212 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC, 28281
  3. Contact Number: (704) 358-0447
  1. Art Institute Of Charlotte
  2. Address: 2110 Water Ridge Pkwy, Charlotte, NC, 28217
  3. Contact Number: (704) 426-5950
  4. Official Website:
  1. At Heart Homecare
  2. Address: 5501 Executive Center Dr, Charlotte, NC, 28212
  3. Contact Number: (704) 531-9333
  1. Bradford Schools Inc
  2. Address: 309 E Morehead St, Charlotte, NC, 28202
  3. Contact Number: (704) 372-9001
  4. Official Website:
  1. Brookstone College
  2. Address: 10125 Berkeley Place Dr, Charlotte, NC, 28262
  3. Contact Number: (704) 469-4491
  4. Official Website:
  1. Capital Partners University
  2. Address: 8520 Cliff Cameron Dr, Charlotte, NC, 28269
  3. Contact Number: (704) 510-4630
  1. Carolina Career College
  2. Address: 1511 Shopton Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28217
  3. Contact Number: (980) 207-3015
  1. Carolinas College Of Health Sciences
  2. Address: 1200 Blythe Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28203
  3. Contact Number: (704) 355-5043
  1. Carroll John
  2. Address: DARBY Chase Dr, Charlotte, NC, 28277
  3. Contact Number: (704) 814-6629
  1. Cenral Piedmont Community College
  2. Address: 1325 E 7th St, Charlotte, NC, 28204
  3. Contact Number: (704) 330-6891
  4. Official Website:
  1. Central Piedmont College
  2. Address: 100 N Kings Dr, Charlotte, NC, 28204
  3. Contact Number: (704) 330-6964
  4. Official Website:
  1. Central Piedmont Comm Cllg
  2. Address: 1206 Elizabeth Ave, Charlotte, NC, 28204
  3. Contact Number: (704) 330-6534
  4. Official Website:
  1. Central Piedmont Community College
  2. Address: 1201 Elizabeth Ave, Charlotte, NC, 28204
  3. Contact Number: (980) 263-2772
  4. Official Website:
  1. Charlotte 49ers
  2. Address: 9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28223
  3. Contact Number: (704) 687-4949
  4. Official Website:
  1. Charlotte School of Law
  2. Address: 4021 Armitage Dr, Charlotte, NC, 28269
  3. Contact Number: (704) 716-9805
  1. Charlotte-Mecklenburg School
  2. Address: 4301 Sandy Porter Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28273
  3. Contact Number: (980) 343-1113
  1. CNA I CAREER Training
  2. Address: 3623 Latrobe Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28211
  3. Contact Number: (704) 479-1262
  1. College Edge
  2. Address: 5960 Fairview Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28210
  3. Contact Number: (704) 906-7730

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