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If you're naturally genuine, then its a plus if you're seeking a job in the medical field. Yes there are doctors, nurses, and therapists; but one significant individual flying under the radar is the certified nursing assistant (CNA). The phrase might be unfamiliar with you, but this actually is the term for a person looking after patients and is under the control of a nurse or medical doctor. They're the ones who get your bed sheets done, get your vital signs, aid you in getting around, and even discussing with you and hearing your stories. You might consider yourself compassionate, in reality that won’t be sufficient. So prior to deciding to embark into this career, make sure to obtain a CNA license first.

Of course, there are particular requirements. An aspirant should first go through an accredited training program, after which a licensing examination will be given which should be taken and passed. A CNA training is a series of classroom and laboratory lessons made to develop the actual required knowledge and skill-sets needed for the job. Every state gives certain number of hours for this training's timeframe. Say in Kentucky, the mandatory training hours is 75 hours minimum.

Free CNA License in Louisville

Sources for this kind of training curriculum include colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, and internet-based classes. Just like a normal course, this type of curriculum comes with a corresponding tuition. In Louisville, fees range from $300-$500. Nonetheless, you have a choice to study at no cost, especially as there are a lot of financial aids being offered by the government of Louisville.

Upon completion of the training program, the last challenge you will need to face is the certification test. This examination is known to be divided into two parts: written (about theories and principles) and practical (hands-on test). Passing this licensure test would get you certified and officially included in the medical team.

Progressively, the need for CNAs is continuously rising; especially that people normally age as time passes and the population never runs out of ill ones. That's the reason a career in the health care industry is not affected even by recession. Studies have shown that Louisville is the top recruiter of CNAs. If you want to grab this chance, starting a career at this time is the best move. Apart from earning a competitive sum of money, it's so much worthwhile to be in a position where you can touch people's lives and give rise to the improvement of the human species.


Local CNA Schools Near Louisville

  1. Galen College of Nursing
  2. Address: 1031 Zorn Ave Ste 400, Louisville, KY, 40207
  3. Contact Number: (502) 410-6200
  4. Official Website:
  1. Galen Health Institutes
  2. Address: 410 W Chestnut St, Louisville, KY, 40202
  3. Contact Number: (502) 583-6525
  4. Official Website:
  1. Indiana Wesleyan University
  2. Address: 1500 Alliant Ave, Louisville, KY, 40299
  3. Contact Number: (502) 261-5000
  4. Official Website:
  1. Spencerian College
  2. Address: 4627 Dixie Hwy, Louisville, KY, 40216
  3. Contact Number: (502) 447-1000
  4. Official Website:

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