CNA Certification in Philadelphia, PA (Pennsylvania)

A CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) assists patients in their nursing needs. He or she is a direct report of a licensed nurse and is greatly needed in health care provisions.

Being a CNA needs anyone to have significant experience that will help him endure in the medical environment. Besides the basic practical skills, it is also expected from CNAs that they are effective at inspiring their patients and treating them well. Having been with the patient quite often, a CNA keeps track of the patient's history and sends details to his direct superior. Work locations vary from hospitals and nursing homes, to clinics and rehabilitation centers. And all these things will not be possible without obtaining CNA Certification first.

Free CNA Certification in Philadelphia

With a fast-paced and pressure-packed environment, a CNA's task is never a walk in the park. Passing the test and securing a training course are the requirements of CNA Certification. Depending on the state you belong, you have to put in particular number of hours to complete the training program and be eligible to take the exam. Pennsylvania for instance, has a program that runs for approximately four to six weeks. This CNA Certification course aims to help you prepare for the real-world out there and particularly in Philadelphia, numerous schools offer this kind of training program. This required training course is also obtained through a few medical institutions in Philadelphia.

Aside from schools, there are also medical establishments in Philadelphia ready to train CNA aspirants. Just complete the training, and you will then be equipped for the examination. The licensing test is divided into two: written and practical. Theories and book knowledge are what you can expect in the written exam. Applying those theories you have learned in the field is the goal of the practical exam. After succeeding against this exam, you are now qualified for certification.

You are now ready for the job, after getting through the difficulties of acquiring a CNA Certification. You'll be added to the Nursing Aid Registry and be eligible to work within the state you belong. Say in Philadelphia, there are plenty of medical facilities looking for people with Certification. A CNA is a noble occupation that not everybody is capable of venturing. If you are up for the challenge, get into a slot for yourself today.


Local CNA Schools Near Philadelphia

  1. Aria Health School-Nursing
  2. Address: 4918 Penn St, Philadelphia, PA, 19124
  3. Contact Number: (215) 831-6740
  1. C & D School of Nursing Aide Training
  2. Address: 100 E Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA, 19120
  3. Contact Number: (215) 455-5556
  1. Delaware Valley of Medical and Dental Assistants
  2. Address: 3330 Grant Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19114
  3. Contact Number: (215) 676-1200
  1. Entry Level
  2. Address: 6761 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19119
  3. Contact Number: (215) 843-4262
  1. Frankford Hospital School
  2. Address: 4918 Penn St, Philadelphia, PA, 19124
  3. Contact Number: (215) 831-6740
  1. Funpdamentals LLC
  2. Address: PO Box 44376, Philadelphia, PA, 19120
  3. Contact Number: (412) 260-3333
  4. Official Website:
  1. Germantown Hospital & Community Health Services School of Nursing
  2. Address: 3 Penn Blvd, Philadelphia, PA, 19144
  3. Contact Number: (215) 951-8855
  1. International School-Nurse Aid
  2. Address: 2714 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19130
  3. Contact Number: (215) 232-2636
  1. Saint Joseph School of Nursing
  2. Address: 1522 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19130
  3. Contact Number: (215) 978-2600
  1. School of Nursing
  2. Address: 420 Guardian Dr, Philadelphia, PA, 19104
  3. Contact Number: (215) 898-8281
  1. Temple Physicians
  2. Address: 100 E Lehigh Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19125
  3. Contact Number: (215) 707-1200
  1. University Pa-Nursing School
  2. Address: 420 Service Dr, Philadelphia, PA, 19104
  3. Contact Number: (215) 898-8281

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