CNA Certification in Portland, OR (Oregon)

Certified Nursing Assistants are the right hands of nurse practitioners and physicians with the common goal of delivering health care to people who are sick. As part of the medical team, they report directly to a registered nurse.

You may think it's easy, but the job definitely is not; as you've to be experienced enough to provide fast and quality health care to patients. The position includes basic nursing skills with a touch of emotional capability to motivate patients. Nursing aides have first-hand information concerning a patient's state, which he reports to his direct nurse. Work areas vary from hospitals and nursing homes, to clinics and rehabilitation centers. Most of all, you can’t do any of such things without first obtaining a CNA Certification.

Free CNA Certification in Portland

Not everybody can tolerate the intense environment of a medical center. And for you to be that, you should first complete a training program and pass the licensing test. The state dictates how long your training should be, which is a pre-requisite to the licensing test. In Oregon, training covers 4-6 weeks. What are the training included in CNA Certification programs? Basically it dwells on nursing principles and theories which are then applied to the field to set skills.

CNA Certification Examination is now your next fight after finishing the training program required. There are two parts in the licensing examination: written and practical. The written test mostly covers book knowledge. Your CNA Certification training can help you with the practical part since the exam covers fundamental practical skills you learned there. So to get a hold of that much sought after CNA Certification, be sure you pass both.

There is a so-called registry, where your name is going to be added upon successful passing of the exam. Since hiring managers base their hires on this list, make sure you make it there. Portland is home to a lot of job options requiring the expertise of certified nursing assistants; you need to simply take your choice. Indeed, no job can even be more fulfilling than this. Being able to touch peoples lives and help sufferers progress requires so much empathy and heart. Think you have what it takes? Be certified immediately.


Local CNA Schools Near Portland

  1. Carrington College
  2. Address: 2004 Lloyd Ctr 3rd Floor, Portland, OR, 97232
  3. Contact Number: (503) 205-0089
  1. Quick Nursing Assistant Training
  2. Address: 11238 SE 21st Ave Ste 2, Portland, OR, 97222
  3. Contact Number: (503) 654-1638
  1. Walla Walla College
  2. Address: 10355 SE Market St, Portland, OR, 97216
  3. Contact Number: (503) 251-6118

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