CNA Certification in Columbus, OH (Ohio)

CNA is short for Certified Nursing Assistant, pertaining to a person who makes a full time income by working with nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals in delivering patients the healthcare they need. He or she is a direct report of a registered nurse and is very much needed in medical care provisions.

Being a CNA demands someone to have significant experience that will help him carry on in the hospital environment. Vital signs reading, giving CPR, and paperwork are just a handful of an assistant's wide tasks. CNAs also provide valuable information about the patient's state. Work areas vary from hospitals and nursing facilities, to treatment centers and rehabilitation centers. As expected, you have to get CNA Certification first prior to getting all of these started.

Free CNA Certification in Columbus

With a fast-paced and pressure-packed environment, a CNA's task isn't a walk in the park. Passing the test and securing a training course are the requirements of CNA Certification. Training is a requirement for the examination, and that means you first have to finish a course which is usually month long based on the state's requirement. Ohio's program actually has a period of four to six weeks. CNA Certification courses normally include training on theories and practical proficiencies and in Columbus, there are accredited schools which offer this type of training curriculum. Nursing homes, rehab centers, and hospitals in Columbus likewise have this training course for all CNA-wannabes.

Apart from schools, there's also medical facilities in Columbus ready to train CNA applicants. By completing the training program, your future seems bright in the certification test. All it takes is for you to pass the Certification test which is divided into two parts: written and practical. The written exam is focused on book knowledge that you have gained from when you were still a student up to now. Using those theories you have gleaned in the field is the target of the practical examination. After passing both, you are now all set for certification.

After passing the test, you'll now receive your cna license and begin practicing your career path. You are now allowed to work in medical institutions upon being a member of the lineup. In Columbus, opportunities are everywhere for those who are certified. It is such pride to become a CNA, a respectable profession where you get to serve human kind more closely than in any other way. You can be one of these if you simply take the leap.


Local CNA Schools Near Columbus

  1. Alia Healthcare Services
  2. Address: 1925 E Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, OH, 43229
  3. Contact Number: (614) 847-3617
  4. Official Website:
  1. Chamberlain College of Nursing
  2. Address: 1350 Alum Creek Dr, Columbus, OH, 43209
  3. Contact Number: (614) 398-2782
  1. Felbry College of Nursing
  2. Address: 1900 Polaris Parkway. Ste. 475, Columbus, OH, 43240
  3. Contact Number: (614) 781-1085
  4. Official Website:
  1. healthy relations
  2. Address: 5890 Hideaway Ct, Columbus, OH, 43231
  3. Contact Number: (614) 288-6965
  4. Official Website:
  1. LaBelle School of Nursing Assistan
  2. Address: 6100 Channingway Blvd, Columbus, OH, 43232
  3. Contact Number: (614) 367-9948
  1. Larock Healthcare Academy LLC
  2. Address: 3260 Henderson Rd Suite 020, Columbus, OH, 43220
  3. Contact Number: (614) 733-9542
  4. Official Website:
  1. Nursing Direct
  2. Address: 5086 N High St, Columbus, OH, 43214
  3. Contact Number: (614) 859-2199
  4. Official Website:
  1. Ohio American Health Care Inc
  2. Address: 2323 Lake Club Dr. Suite 104, Columbus, OH, 43232
  3. Contact Number: (614) 866-9680
  4. Official Website:
  1. Premier Choice Health Services
  2. Address: 1997 E Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, OH, 43229
  3. Contact Number: (614) 737-3755
  4. Official Website:

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