CNA Certification in Detroit, MI (Michigan)

CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant, pertaining to a person who makes a living by working with nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals in providing patients the healthcare they need. A CNA is closely monitored by a registered nurse and is an important member of the medical team.

It's necessary that you are stable under pressure and is reinforced by advanced skills and experience. You should be willing to be assigned at various locations such as hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. It's your responsibility to provide basic healthcare like carrying out personal cleanliness, getting vital signs, helping them doing exercises, and also providing motivation. It's through you that registered nurses and licensed practical nurses get their awareness from, and that’s what makes you even more vital in any medical field. Eventually, you should have CNA Certification.

Free CNA Certification in Detroit

The task of a CNA has never been easy. Before you can even actually begin, you have to complete a training course and complete a certification test. Depending on the state you belong, you need to put in particular number of hours to finish the training program and be qualified to take the exam. Michigan for example, has a program that runs for about four to six weeks. CNA Certification courses normally include training on theories and practical skills and in Detroit, there are accredited schools which offer this sort of training curriculum. This required program is also obtained through a few medical establishments in Detroit.

Aside from schools, there are also medical establishments in Detroit ready to train CNA applicants. After successful completion of the said training, you are a stride closer to becoming certified. The test dwells on two things: written and practical. The written exam is all about book knowledge which you have gained from when you were still a trainee up to now. While the practical exam is all about hands-on application. After passing both, you are now all set for certification.

After passing the test, you'll now receive your cna license and start practicing your field of study. You'll be added to the Nursing Aid Registry and be eligible to work within the state you fit in. In Detroit, opportunities abound for individuals who are certified. Being a CNA is so much rewarding, being able to influence and sustain the lives of those who need it the most. And all have their chances; you simply need to take yours.


Local CNA Schools Near Detroit

  1. Wayne State University Nursing-College
  2. Address: 5557 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI, 48202
  3. Contact Number: (313) 577-4070
  4. Official Website:

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