CNA Certification in Indianapolis, IN (Indiana)

A CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) aids patients in their health care needs. She or he is a direct report of a registered nurse and is greatly needed in health care provisions.

It is necessary that you are consistent under pressure and is reinforced by high level skills and experience. You need to be willing to be assigned at various locations just like hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. You attend to the needs of your patients ranging from carrying out their proper personal hygiene to being more like a pal by eating and performing exercises with them, talking to them, and providing motivational support. All the information you get concerning the patients' situations should be given to your direct superior, and that's how valuable you are. Don't forget that, CNA Certification is a must.

Free CNA Certification in Indianapolis

With a fast-paced and pressure-packed environment, a CNA's job is never a walk in the park. You actually must pass a test and undergo an approved nursing aid training course. Training program comes first before the examination, and you have to render course hours as mandatory by your state. For example, a requirement of 4 to 6 weeks takes effect in Indiana. This CNA Certification course aims to prepare you for the real-world out there and particularly in Indianapolis, several schools offer this sort of training program. Apart from schools, Indianapolis also has medical facilities with the same program like nursing facilities and hospitals.

Schools and medical facilities in Indianapolis are popular for their top-notch instruction and history of passers. After successful completion of the mentioned training, you are one step closer to becoming certified. Test is composed of written and practical sections. Theories and book knowledge are what you could expect in the written exam. Using those theories you have learned in the field is the goal of the practical examination. After succeeding from this exam, you are now qualified for certification.

Passing the examination is the start of your CNA career and you'll then be listed in the Nursing Aid Registry. This gives you the advantage of working in any medical center that has open positions. In Indianapolis, CNA careers are on a big growth since there are a lot of medical facilities seeking for their service. This career is certainly something to be proud of. Everyone doesn't have the strong will and stability to touch lives. Are you up to it? Start the quest today.


Local CNA Schools Near Indianapolis

  1. Advanced Healthcare Vocational
  2. Address: 6350 Westhaven Dr # E, Indianapolis, IN, 46254
  3. Contact Number: (317) 347-1550
  1. Aenon Bible College, Inc.
  2. Address: 3939 Meadows Dr, Indianapolis, IN, 46205
  3. Contact Number: (317) 549-0255
  4. Official Website:
  1. Apostolic Information Svc
  2. Address: 1502 E Sumner Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46227
  3. Contact Number: (317) 781-7712
  4. Official Website:
  1. Aviation Institute of Maintenance
  2. Address: 7251 W McCarty St, Indianapolis, IN, 46241
  3. Contact Number: (317) 243-4519
  1. Ball State University
  2. Address: 50 S Meridian St # 300, Indianapolis, IN, 46204
  3. Contact Number: (317) 822-6167
  1. Bible College Crossroads
  2. Address: 801 N Shortridge Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46219
  3. Contact Number: (317) 405-9545
  1. Bishop Simon Brute College
  2. Address: 2500 Cold Spring Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46222
  3. Contact Number: (317) 924-4100
  1. Breast Care & Research Center At Indiana Universtiy
  2. Address: 535 Barnhill Dr, Indianapolis, IN, 46202
  3. Contact Number: (317) 274-9800
  1. Business Kelley School
  2. Address: 801 W Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN, 46202
  3. Contact Number: (317) 274-4895
  4. Official Website:
  1. Butler University
  2. Address: 4600 Sunset Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46208
  3. Contact Number: (317) 940-8000
  4. Official Website:
  1. Butler University Athletics
  2. Address: 510 W 49th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46208
  3. Contact Number: (317) 940-3647
  1. C & S Cna School
  2. Address: 2722 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN, 46222
  3. Contact Number: (317) 423-0779
  1. Calvary Chapel Bible College
  2. Address: 7702 Indian Lake Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46236
  3. Contact Number: (317) 823-2349
  1. Cna Institute of Indiana
  2. Address: 921 E 86th St Ste 206, Indianapolis, IN, 46240
  3. Contact Number: (317) 872-2245
  1. College Bound Student Services
  2. Address: 2626 E 46th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46205
  3. Contact Number: (317) 251-2012
  1. College Courts
  2. Address: 5347 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46220
  3. Contact Number: (317) 869-3962
  1. College Park Club
  2. Address: 9001 Fordham St, Indianapolis, IN, 46268
  3. Contact Number: (317) 872-3288
  1. Cultural Arts Center at the Hasten Hebrew Academy Of Indianapolis
  2. Address: 6602 Hoover Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46260
  3. Contact Number: (317) 251-1261
  4. Official Website:
  1. Deaf Services
  2. Address: 50 W Fall Creek Parkway North Dr, Indianapolis, IN, 46208
  3. Contact Number: (317) 921-4980
  1. Dental Assistant Pro
  2. Address: 11020 E 10th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46229
  3. Contact Number: (513) 515-6611
  4. Official Website:

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