CNA Certification in Chicago, IL (Illinois)

A Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA is a person who works alongside medical professionals with a common mission of providing health care to those who need them. CNAs look up to their direct superiors which are commonly nurses and medical doctors.

It's necessary that you are consistent under pressure and is equipped with advanced skills and experience. The job demands flexibility, because you can be assigned in various medical departments such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and also the personal homes of patients. You attend to the needs of your patients ranging from carrying out their proper personal hygiene to being more like a pal by eating and doing exercises with them, talking to them, and providing motivational support. All the details you get about the patients' conditions should be directed at your direct superior, and that is how important you are. First and foremost, you're required of a CNA Certification.

Free CNA Certification in Chicago

Being a CNA is not for all. And for you to be that, you need to first finish a training course and pass the licensing examination. Varying between states, training hours are necessary before being allowed to take the examination. For instance, duration of training in Illinois is four to six weeks. Training programs cover which courses in CNA Certification? Concepts and application are essentially what the training is focused on.

Schools and medical facilities in Chicago are popular for their top-notch training and history of passers. Completing the training is a preparation for the licensing test ahead. The test dwells on two things: written and practical. The written exam includes multiple-choice questions relating to nursing principles and theories. While the practical test is about hands-on application. If you can pass both, then you are now certified.

After passing the test, you will now receive your cna license and begin practicing your field of study. You'll be added to the certified CNA roster, allowing you to work in your state’s medical institutions. For those who have Certification and you reside in Chicago, there are tons of job open positions in nursing facilities, hospitals, and rehab centers among others. A CNA is a noble profession that not everybody is capable of venturing. If you're up for the challenge, get into a slot for yourself today.


Local CNA Schools Near Chicago

  1. Chamberlain College of Nursing
  2. Address: 3300 N Campbell Ave, Chicago, IL, 60618
  3. Contact Number: (773) 219-0881

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