CNA Certification in San Francisco, CA (California)

Certified nursing assistants (CNA) are good inclusions in the team, as they make the tasks faster and more effective. CNAs look up to their direct superiors which are commonly nurses and physicians.

You may think it is easy, but the job definitely isn't; as you have to be seasoned enough to provide fast and quality healthcare to patients. The position includes basic nursing skills with a touch of emotional capability to inspire patients. This is the reason why CNAs are every nurse’s favorite possession, giving them pertinent details about every patient’s condition. You are in fact required to operate in different settings like clinics, hospitals, and rehab centers. Most of all, you can’t do any of these things without first getting a CNA Certification.

Free CNA Certification in San Francisco

So with the fast, robust, and challenging nature of the task, being a Certified Nursing Assistant isn't an easy stroll in the park. You cannot be a CNA if you're not certified, and you can only do this by having a training program and passing the licensing test. Proper training comes first before the examination, and you need to render course hours as mandatory by your state. California's program actually has a length of 4-6 weeks. Courses on CNA Certification include basic practical and technical skills that are offered in different accredited educational facilities like in San Francisco. Besides schools, San Francisco also has medical facilities with the same program like nursing facilities and hospitals.

After finishing the extensive training, you will now be eligible to take the Certification test. Written and practical examination comprise the certification test. The written test is overview of all the theories you have learned in class and in the training. The other one is a practical examination which will evaluate how good you are in the actual implementation of the job, testing the experience you had during your training and on the job trainings when you were still in school. So ensure you pass both exams to finally obtain that CNA Certification you previously worked hard for.

Your name will then be added to the list of Certified Nursing Assistants where you live. Since hiring managers base their hires on this list, be sure you make it there. San Francisco is home to a lot of job opportunities requiring the expertise of certified nursing assistants; you just need to take your choice. This career is certainly something to be proud of. Being able to touch peoples lives and help sufferers progress requires so much empathy and heart. Think you can be one of them? Do not delay, start today.


Local CNA Schools Near San Francisco

  1. California Nurses Institute
  2. Address: 78 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94112
  3. Contact Number: (415) 406-1561
  4. Official Website:
  1. San Francisco CPR Class - National CPR
  2. Address: 847 Castro St. #1, San Francisco, CA, 94114
  3. Contact Number: (415) 413-0318
  4. Official Website:
  1. University of California
  2. Address: 2 Koret Way, San Francisco, CA, 94143
  3. Contact Number: (415) 476-4965
  4. Official Website:

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